Passionfruit Gin Gimlet

Gin is such an easy drinking and diverse spirit to create all sorts of cocktails with. There are so many varieties with different botanicals infused into them. For this one, we used Cape Saint [...]

Bloody Mary

Ingredients:  Double shot absolute vodka  A few glugs Worcestershire sauce  A dash tabasco  Ice  Tomato juice  Salt and pepper    Method:  Pour the vodka, Worcestershire sauce and tabasco into a [...]


How eerie and awesome does this Sparkling Cranberry Eyeball Punch look? If you are feeling extra gory, you can make it look like a Bloody Eyeball Punch. This crazy looking punch is very easy to [...]

Halloween Pumpkin Punch

Who says Halloween is only for our friends in America? We think any excuse is perfect to gather with friends and have a great time. Consider this your official invitation to have some fun this [...]