Litchi, lime and mint Mojito

The Mojito is also a versatile drink that you can play with, instead of lime and mint, add in some litchi, try strawberry and basil, or pear and thyme you could even go way out and do something [...]

Plum and All Spice gin popsicles

Ingredients:  For the syrup:  3 plums with the pip removed  2 all spice berries crushed  1 cup sugar  2 cup water  200ml gin   For the cocktail:  Tonic    Method:  To make the syrup place [...]

Plum and All Spice gin popsicles

If you want to have some fun and really blow your friends minds you should give these gin popsicles a try. They take a little more planning and prep, but the look on your friend’s faces [...]

Festive Party Punch

The holidays are full of celebrations with family, friends, food, and drinks, so we thought we would make a festive punch that is light, easy-drinking, and delicious. You could make it in a big [...]

Passion Fruit Margaritas

Ingredients:  1/4 cup tequila  2 TBS Cointreau  2 TBS passionfruit pulp  1/4 cup passionfruit juice  11/2 lime squeezed  2 tbs salt flakes, crushed  1 tsp chilli flakes    Method:  Combine [...]

Elderflower and Cherry Gin Fizz

Here is a recipe for a beautiful Gin cocktail that will blow all of your friends and family away. It is fresh and creamy all at once and oh so delicious. You can use any gin for it, We decided to [...]

Sunset Gin picnic

In summer you want to spend as much time outside as possible and what better way to do it than putting together a beautiful snack platter, freezing flowers and leaves into your ice, and making [...]

Snow White Poisoned apple

Ingredients per glass:  ½ cup cloudy apple juice  ¼ cup pomegranate juice  2x pitted litchis  2x blueberries 2  Method:  To create the litchi eyeballs – peel 2x litchis and take out the pip. Then [...]

Vodka Shots

Ingredients:   Spicy Bloody Mary:  25ml Absolute vodka  25ml tomato juice  1 red chili   Black Worm:  1 strip of licorice  40ml Absolute vodka   Gooey Jelly:  1 Box Grape jelly  ¼ cup Absolute [...]