Chocolate Orange Martini

Chocolate Orange Martini Sweeten your evening with an easy peasy orange squeasy Chocolate Martini! A perfect treat for any occasion. Here’s how you can create this delightful cocktail at [...]

Grapefruit Paloma

The Grapefruit Paloma is a refreshing, citrusy cocktail perfect for summer. With tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, and a hint of sweetness, it’s a delightful twist on a classic. Cheers to a [...]

Ginologist Virgin GnT

Step into the world of refreshing indulgence with Ginologist Non-Alcoholic Gin! Elevate your taste experience with our latest creation – the Muddled Blackberry Lime Bliss. This delightful [...]

Hugo Spritz

Hugo Spritz Meet the Hugo Spritz, a refreshing cocktail that emerged from the Alpine regions of Italy and Austria in the early 2000s. Created by bartender Roland Gruber and named after his friend [...]

National Braai Day Brandy Burger Sauce

Brandy Burger Sauce Celebrate National Braai Day in South Africa with this Klipdrift Brandy Barbeque Burger Sauce. This sweet and smoky sauce will take your burger to the next level and if you [...]

Salted Caramel Irish Coffee

Salted Caramel Irish Coffee   Indulge in the ultimate winter night ambiance, complete with crackling flames, cozy blankets, captivating Netflix shows, and a tantalizing treat – the [...]

Tequila Sunrise

  For a delicious Tequila Sunrise cocktail, gather the following ingredients: 2 shots of Tequila 8 shots of orange juice 1/2 shot of Grenadine To prepare the drink, grab a Collins glass and [...]

Mexican Mule

To make a delicious Tequila Moscow Mule, gather the following ingredients: 2 shots of Tequila 1/2 lime juice (freshly squeezed) 1/3 shot of sugar syrup 3 shots of ginger beer Serve the cocktail [...]