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We had the pleasure of meeting the amazing woman behind the Musgrave spirit Simone Musgrave and experiencing the story behind creating the Musgrave Gin range.

If you have noticed the 11 on the Crafted Gin, you might think that the Gin has been aged for 11 years. So we asked Simon what is the story behind the 11 and the eleven stand for the Botanicals in the Gin and the stories around Simone’s Grandfathers arrival in South Africa. Simone’s Grandfather came from Plymore in 1947 when my father was nine months old on a ship for three months. Simon’s Grandfather landed in Darus Salam there was a measles outbreak and he could not leave the boat as there was a pandemic. So they quarantined on the boat and he could not take the nausea for three months, so he slipped out of the porthole and enter Darus Salam as a missionary and spent and spent 30 years moving around Africa.

The Botanical flavour:

As Simon’s Grandfather travelled threw Africa over the years the story behind the botanical flavour unfolded. Musgrave spirits is not a fynbos story, they are the spice route of Africa. We have African ginger that brings in the indigenous route that grows all over Africa.

Then there is the Cardamon, the ultimate perfume of spice. We talk about the top flavour the grains of paradise, the wild pepper which comes from the

Ghana  Rain Forest.

The Creation of the Pink Gin:

A year after creating our Gin we added the Pink Gin to our collection. Simone wanted to launch the Pink Gin that was a reflection of her story and not her Grandfather’s story. This gin speaks to the female entrepreneurship and the female journey. This gin steps into the fashion side of the world, taking images with Calvin Klein and adding some fashion statement pieces. Take a look at their Instagram Page!

This gin is the sister gin, she has all the 11 botanicals just toned down. The spices are softer and the peppers are softer, with adding some rose pistil which is the centre of the rose and it is almost the source of the rose. We also add rose water at the end of the distillation as we do not get the colour from the distillation as it comes out clear and we add the colour.

You Can find Musgrave Gin at our stores & Find their new Copper Collection on their website: Musgrave

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