Orange Wine Is The New Wine!

If you are a wine lover, then this wine is something of a must! 🍷 This is everything you need to know about Orange wine: It’s the best parts of red and white wine combined. Oranges [...]

Champagne, MCC & Sparkling Wine Pairings

A brief summary to use when buying your champagne and nibbles: Brut Blend – Oysters (if those are not available, try fresh mussels in a light white wine garlic sauce) Blanc de Blancs – fresh [...]

Let’s learn about Rosé

Rosé has become very popular in the last few years – and it’s perfect for our South Africa temperate climate. It’s an easy-drinking wine to enjoy at a braai or picnic. In France, the sales of [...]

Best wines for Gluhwein

The traditional and delicious winter’s day favourite, gluhwein (also known as mulled wine) is best enjoy with a dry red. Even better, it can be enjoyed with a less expensive choice of red. Not [...]

Bringing out the best in your whiskey

You enjoy a good whiskey, you’ve had a few tastings and you definitely know your favourites. You’re past the first date stage, so how about getting to know what brings out the best in your [...]

Getting to know your whiskey

If you and Whiskey were in a Facebook relationship – the status would be “complicated”. That’s because whiskey is complex. It’s full of diverse flavours. So what you need [...]

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