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5 Drink and Spirit Trends for 2024

The year ahead promises to tantalise our taste buds with various drink and spirit trends. From the rising popularity of alcohol-free drink choices to the reinvention of classic cocktails, this exploration delves into the top 5 drink trends that will define the drinking experience in 2024. Bottoms up.

#1 Alcohol-free

For a good few years now, there has been a giant shift to low-alcohol and alcohol-free options. While cute, mocktails are now not the only option for those wishing to cut down on their alcohol consumption. The market has grown incredibly with the option of ciders, beers, champagnes and even gin!

#2 Boxed Wines Are Trending!

Yes, you read it right – papsaks are a thing! With the ongoing environmental changes the world is experiencing, jolly drinkers have been looking for more sustainable and conscientious packaging (and drink) options, and that includes papsaks.

Drinks that come in backs are better for the environment as producing up to half the carbon emissions compared to glass. Moreover, they offer cost-effective storage and transportation solutions for distributors and restaurants.

#3 Craft Beer

Now, an old trend – that never gets old – craft beer is still popular. In fact, it seems to be gaining even more popularity. This year, expect to see your go-to choices, like lagers, develop even more personality.

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#4 Hugo Spritz

Recently, there has been a growing interest in the classics. Cocktail connoisseurs have lapped up negronis, martinis, and Aperol spritzes over recent years; following this drink trend, experts predict that the Hugo Spritz will be the new star of the show.

#5 Coffee Cocktails

The espresso martini took the world by storm. Near every spirits category has eagerly embraced the Espresso Martini trend. This trend continues to gain momentum, with more bars and brands expected to introduce additional spiked coffee alternatives. The Carajillo stands out as a strong contender poised to dominate menus and shelves, gaining momentum. However, it’s essential not to overlook other classics, such as the Spanish Coffee, which might surpass its Irish counterpart in popularity next year.

Cheers to 2024!

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