It’s a Friday evening, you’ve just got in from work and nothing sounds better than having a drink around the braai with your chommies. You don’t want to throw away all of that gym progress, but you also don’t feel like reading every label to figure out which one will be best for your summer body. That’s where we’ve got you covered! Any of the following drinks can be purchased or made from ingredients that you can buy in our Market Liquors stores:

  1. Red Wine

Thanks to all the antioxidants, not only is it a healthier choice, but doctors actually recommend a glass or two a day. You really wouldn’t want to disappoint the Doc.

  1. Guinness

As surprising as it sounds, Guinness is actually one of the healthiest beers out there, with minimal caloric content thanks to its low alcohol percentage.

  1. Bloody Mary

Not only is a Bloody Mary low on calories, it’s high in nutrients and counts towards your daily portions of fruit. All of the ingredients to make one of these can be purchased in a Food Lover’s Market and Market Liquors store! This includes vodka, tomato juice, tobacco, celery.

  1. Vodka and Soda

The classic! There’s nothing simpler or lower in calories than this, and really nothing quite as refreshing. Add a touch of Food Lover’s Lime juice or freshly squeezed lime and you’re sorted with flavour.

  1. Whiskey on the rocks

Studies have shown that whisky drinking is linked to weight loss and strengthens the immune system. Obviously everything works in moderation though, so try not to get carried away with the medical benefits.

If any of these don’t spark with you, it’s always an option to just ignore the calories for a night, you deserve it.

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