“Toasting” originates from 17th century England where spiced bread was added to wine to increase flavour and remove the acidity.


Ladies are served first. Glasses are only ever poured halfway and you are never to pour your own drink.


The last drink of an evening is only ever called the “penultima” (second last). The “ultima” (last) drink is only ever the last drink of your life.


Italians only drink water or wine with their meals.


In order to decant port without spoiling the wine, the Portuguese have been known to use a technique involving red-hot tongues and ice.


Traditionally, the night before a wedding, the groomsmen kidnap the bride and take her to a bar. It is the groom’s job to find her and buy everyone a round of drinks in order to get her back.


It is a Dutch tradition to drink a shot of whiskey without hands and to chase it down with a beer.

Czech Republic

It is very important to make eye contact and have your arms uncrossed when you clink glasses with someone, or you’ll get bad luck.


Toasts are very important here; at every meal Georgians will give a 30 second toast and even non-Georgians are expected to participate with their own.


Brides must keep their feet on the ground at all times or else their shoes will be removed and guests will pass them around to drink wine from.


The Icelandic people love alcohol so much that they have two separate holidays dedicated to this.


Empty glasses and bottles are always placed under the table, never on top of it.


Elders are always to raise their glasses higher than juniors during a toast. The first drink is always downed and placed upside down to prove there’s none left.


The bride and groom are only considered a married once they’ve taken a sip of the traditional palm wine.


Load drinking songs are sung loudly before, during, and after each round of aquavit – a Scandinavian spice spirit. Each round is usually followed by a chaser of beer.


One beer and one glass are shared at a time among friends. Each person gets a chance to pour a sip of beer into the glass, drink it, and pass it along.


It is impolite to pour your own drink – you watch your friend’s drink and they watch yours, never letting them be empty. When taking a sip, it is polite to turn away from the group.

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