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You enjoy a good whiskey, you’ve had a few tastings and you definitely know your favourites. You’re past the first date stage, so how about getting to know what brings out the best in your whiskey, with a food pairing that will coax out new diverse flavours.

If you need a little more Whiskey 101 first then step 1: Get to know your whiskey, step 2: Learn how to taste your Whisky here, then step 3: try this whisky & food pairing indefinitely for you:

  1. Cheese – just like wine, the cheese will complement the whisky flavours. You can stick to this simple equation the stronger and spicer the whiskey, the stronger the cheese. The sweeter the whiskey, go for a more subtle, softer cheese.
  2. Dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa the better. Something like Lindt 70%. Just a block or two for each person – it’s not a chocolate party.
  3. Fruit – if you are familiar with the grassy greener notes of whiskey, you will know why tart fruits like apples and pears will help bring out that flavour.
  4. Smoked meat –  basically good old South African braai. Something savoury to soak up that whiskey but the smokey flavours really complement the whiskey flavours. Don’t overdo it with the marinades and rubs, simply is better here.

Lastly, remember not everyone might like your whiskey as much as you do. Have some beers on hand for those with different tastes to your own. One thing you shouldn’t do, just like you wouldn’t invite one of your exes to your party, is add wine. The strong flavours of wine will clash with the whiskey and completely ruin the flavour, almost exactly like someone bad mouthing your new best friend!

Only one thing left to do and that’s is – introduce your whiskey to your friends. Check out our great deals and invite your mates over and get them to bring their favourite bottle.


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