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New Year. New You? This is certainly the message on every magazine cover and blog post. But what does that even mean though? For me, it conjures slightly alarming visions of being hauled off to a fancy clinic where they play whale music and Enya and you get pinched, pulled, tightened and generally given a once over. But I digress.

How can you start the year afresh when you’re constantly surrounded by remnants of the past? That case of beer that made you think you could dance like Beyonce? Those bottles of wine that convinced you that you should phone everyone you know to tell them you love them? Don’t just throw them away, make an active effort to recycle them. Instead of the usual new years resolutions of “lose weight; find love; dance with more kittens” why don’t you make one small adjustment and ensure all your glass, plastic and metal gets recycled?

Instead of seeing it as a “hassle”, rather look at it as leaving the world in a better place than when you found it. Don’t think your efforts won’t matter in the face of so much waste – every little bit helps. And to paraphrase that saying – if you ever thought you were too small to make a difference then you obviously never spent an evening with a mosquito in close proximity.

So, separate your glass, plastic and metal and take them to the nearest recycling centre. Or contact companies like Averda, who will come and collect your waste for free!

New year, new you indeed.

Eat, Drink, Recycle
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