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Glass Guide: Cocktail Glass

This Brandy Cocktail recipe is a variation of the classic drink and it can be found in many other forms. Essentially, in the 1800’s until Prohibition a “cocktail” by name used this formula and changed the base spirit. So you could order a Gin Cocktail or a Whiskey Cocktail as well depending on your liquor preference. Then if you wanted a “Fancy Cocktail” you would typically get one garnished with a lemon, again with your spirit of choice (technically making this recipe a “Fancy Brandy Cocktail”). How simple those days were.


  • 90 ml rye whiskey
  • 25 ml syrup
  • bitters taste
  • absinthe or absinthe substitute
  • lemon twist for garnish


  • Chill an old-fashioned glass by filling it with ice and letting it sit while preparing the rest of the drink.
  • In a separate mixing glass, mix the syrup and Peychaud bitters together.
  • Add the rye whiskey and ice to the bitters mixture and stir.
  • Discard the ice in the chilled glass and rinse it with absinthe (or substitute) by pouring a small amount into the glass, swirling it around and discarding the liquid.
  • Strain the whiskey mixture from the mixing glass into the old fashioned glass.
  • Garnish with a lemon twist. Traditionalists will say that the lemon twist should be squeezed over the drink to release its essences but that the twist should not be dropped into the glass itself.
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