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With all the beer styles and craft beer types taking the market, why not get to know them a little better?! We’ve compiled a quick run down for you:

Light Body Beers:

  • Pale Lager, Pilsner & Wheat – These are made for summer and resonates with that refreshing feeling of sipping on an ice cold beer on a hot summers day. Compliments salads, light seafood, and starches
  • Wheat Beers – low hops, medium malt with a crisp finish. Light to medium body, they are highly carbonated, (bubbly) and sweet.

Medium Body Beers:

  • Ale –
    • Blonde Ales – lovely balance of hops and malt and great for the Craft Newbies. Compliments sweet & spicy food, as well as light seafood, salads and fruits.
    • Pale Ale – high hoppy styles and have a citrusy flavour or fruity flavour. Cuts through salty, fatty foods so it can be used as a palate cleanser. And it compliments smoked or broiled dishes but it might increase the heat on those spicy dishes.
    • IPA –  similar to a Pale Ale, but hoppier! It has strong flavours to pair with the bitterness of the hops.
    • Amber Ale – It has more of a balance with malt and hops and produces a caramel richness. It compliments more carb/starch based dishes, like pizza, pasta and bread.
    • Red Ale – low in hops but high in malt. Compliments roasted or grilled meats – perfect for your Braai and pairs well with cheesecake
  • Brown Porter – lighter than stouts, drier and a little more bitter. Compliments steaks and smoked foods.

Heavy Body Beers:

  • Stout – high malt content and has a richness. Compliments chocolate and desserts.


If you want some more in-depth insight to what you enjoy most, then take a look at Beeradvocate. And For more pairings, check out this beer food pairing guide .

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